Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Have Your Cake And Eat It!

My project today is based on using the Teresa Collins stamp maker - yes, finally, I get to make my own stamps!  For the layout overall, I’ve gone with one of my favourite paper manufacturers - My Mind’s Eye and their Stella & Rose range.

Firstly, get your pencil and paper to the ready and have a doodle.  I’m not good at drawing, so my mine tend to be more like messy scribbles, which isn’t good for scanning.

Therefore, after I’ve doodled, I then trace the image onto tracing paper – the lines are more clearly defined and then override the pencil by outlining in black.  Then, scan the traced drawing as a jpeg, using black and white mode – not greyscale.

Open the image up in the imagepac software that came with the stamp maker and click onto – fit to page and depending on what your image is, click onto photograph or line drawing.  

Then print onto the film and make your stamp following the instructions that came with the stamp maker, which are very easy to follow.

Once you’ve made and trimmed your stamp to size – voila!!  You'll probably be a bit neater than me!

The stamp maker is not just for stamping your doodles, its also perfect for transforming your old (or new) photographs into your own arty and unique stamps, look out for a tutorial coming up, but for now, check back again tomorrow for a quick little tutorial on easy scrunched flowers.

Vanessa x


Sarah said...

Great tip about tracing over your design, Vanessa. Gorgeous layout - loving the pic!

Jenga said...

I do not need one, I do not need one, I do not need one......... do I sound convincing!!!??? Fab LO hun x

Jill said...

Oooh will look forward to the tutorial! Jill x

uhooi said...

Wow,, It works great and creative,,


Nat said...

Oooh thanks Vanessa, I now NEEEEEEEED one of those!! Fab stamp and awesome page :) xxx

Claire Wheatley said...

How good is that, awesome x

Vanessa Stokoe said...

Thanks - its such a good toy!! :) x

Louise said...

it's a great tool isn't it... I love mine so much!
Fab LO, love it all, but especially like the flash of red against the other muted colours