Monday, 6 June 2011

Engagement Mini Book

Hi all, I hope you enjoyed Rachael's class, great to see how she does it isn't it?

So now from one Rachael to another Rachel (notice the difference)

I dont know about you but sometimes you have a day out or event where you end up with tons of gorgeous photos but you have no chance of scrapping them all. This is what happened with the gorgeous photo shoot my future Sister in Law did for us when we got engaged in March.

So I thought I know what I will do, a mini book, I used to love mini books but havent made one for a very long time so thought it was about time i did.

I loved all the photos, so first thing i did was reduce them in size using Picasa and made them black and white so they would go with any paper.

I chose quite a random selection of papers from different manufactures but all with the some kind of colour, Red, Blue, Yellow and Black.
(Sorry not the greatest photo there)

I used bit from
Circa 1934, - Cosmo
5 & Dime- October Afternoon
This and That- Lily Bee

I used embellishments from

I didn't really have a size in mind for this but had thought no bigger than 8x8, and the others were just quite randomly cut. I wanted to show you how with just a few different pieces of papers and cute stickers you can make a book in a couple of hours.

So this is what I came up with

My first couple of pages probably took the longest simply because by the time i had done a couple I had loads of little off cuts and just used them, by restricting your supply it makes it much easier to scrap quickly, and i am all about scrapping quickly.

Take this page for example

Its that size as that was a off cut from a previous cut out, i had a few bits already cut from a different page and just kind of stuck them down.

then i added a bit more
and then a few stickers
Ta Da!
I applied this principle to the rest of my pages and found I got quicker and quicker.

The stickers i used a really nice and cheap way of adding a little extra to the page, I'm crazy about the Sassafras stickers.

I finished off the mini book by doing a 8x8 page and then just layering all the bits I had left over, I still have loads of paper left for a good few 12x12 pages.

I thought about how to tie it all together, i had planned to use a book ring but to be honest i couldnt find one anywhere, so I used a tie that had 2 cardboard people on.

So there you go by limiting your supplies and using your off cuts you can create a bit mini book in a very short time.

I hope you have enjoyed the post, let me know what you think, and if it has inspired you to make a mini book, then do share the link and I will have a little look at your blog/gallery.

Check back in a couple of days for some more exciting times on the Sarah's Cards all singing all dancing blog.

Thanks Rachel x


{ Emma } said...

Love it Rachel, and definitely a great way to scrap lots of photos quickly! Love those Sassafras stickers, I think I need some of them in my life!

Christine said...

Lovely, the papers go so well and the photos are stunning :-)

Lou said...

Lovely album Rachel. Might have a go myself another day

Jen said...

I love how you manage to pick random papers from various ranges and make them go together so easily - it looks fab!

Louise said...

I love it Rach. The photos are stunning, but I especially live the colours and patterns you chose. The stickers are perfect... to be honest, I haven't found anything they've not gone with yet!
Just gorgeous, well done you

Gems said...

Gorgeous mini-book Rach :) Love the colours and its great to have all of those precious photographs displayed in such a lovely way xx

JO SOWERBY said...

personally i cant get enough of the minibook. such a perfect way to use stash and highlight an event. loving this one and ur engagement r ace as u know.
jo xxx

Patty said...

This is lovely and gives me so much inspiration for all those bits of paper and cardstock!! Thank you.

Louise said...

lots of lovley detail here, a great book to look back on.

Rachael Elliott said...

Lovely class Rachel! I avoid mini books as they seem so complicated but you have made it look really simple so might just have to make myself one! Thanks Rachel xx

Nat said...

It looks great Rachel, and such an easy way of binding a minibook together using the people charm - makes it all seem a lot less complicated :) x

Katie said...

gorgeous mini book!

Julia said...

What a great way to keep all those lovely photos. Love the colour scheme too - gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

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