Friday, 24 February 2012

* * Oh Dear Lizzy * *

Hello, it's Laura here and dare I say that it is starting to look like spring outside? It's so exciting that the new CHA arrivals are hitting the shop at Sarah's Cards and this Dear Lizzy range is beautiful, pretty and spring like with it's delicate pinks and subtle greens.

I want to show you a couple of my creations with the new Dear Lizzy range and how I incoperated fabric, ribbon and textures into my layouts.  At Sarah's Cards there are some fab fabric and sewing items in the store and I used some beautiful calico fabric that matches this range wonderfully.

I used the fabric like a piece of patterned paper and incoperated in into my layering.  Instead of trying to glue or fix it to my layout I sewed it directly in place and then with additional patterned papers and my photo that was laid on top, I sewed these on too.  This ensures that the fabric says put, your layout is lovely and stable plus the stitching adds gorgeous texture and dimension to your work.

Here is my layout, as you can see the fabric has been layered with a piece of patterned paper and my photo.  These were both sewed into position.  I also added a gorgeous piece of fabric ribbon that I also sewed in place.

Another great tip if you find that your thickers are not staying in place or in the example of this layout are placed directly on fabric then sew these in place too! (Can you see a theme emerging here!)

I ran a running stitch through my title using plain white thread and with the other fabric elements of the layouts it looks right in place.

To add the buttons I sewed these in place with some embroidery floss.  Not only does this help them stay in exactly the right place but I don't think buttons look "finished" unless they have some thread pulled through them.

I did another layout using the same technique but this time the fabric was layered directly underneath my photo and then an additional scrap of fabric under my title. I deliberately kept the edges of the fabric "rough" and un-hemed as I love this look and I figure if you do it deliberately then it's ok!

Again the thickers were stitched right in place.  I found that my sewing machine coped with this really well.  These dear Lizzy thickers are puffy so they are lovely and soft so didn't give my machine any problem at all!

Both these layouts were a change to scrapbook some newborn pics of my baby girl.  She is already almost 5 months old so these photos already feel like a lifetime ago!

Check out the links below for all the supplies used in this post! 


Scrappin' Siggy said...

gorgeous layouts!! Love them! My resolution this year is not to be lazy and sew more on my layouts

Helen said...

Very pretty layouts. The fabric is a nice touch :)

Kate said...

Beautiful pages. Are the sold out items due back in and is there a way to get e-mail notification when they arrive?

** Kate **

Louise said...

Beautiful LOs Laura, so pretty and fresh. Love how ou have used the fabric too.

Helen said...

Kate, do you subscribe to the email newsletter? I know that updates are sent out in this. Also, the facebook page has been updated recently when new lines have arrived. Or just keep an eye on the shop. I will pass your message on to Sarah though in case she hasn't seen this :)

Jenga said...

Lovely colours - not ones I use often, so must give them a try,