Thursday, 17 April 2014

What's Blowing in the Wind with MME Now and Then

The sun is shining where I am.  Hope you are similarly blessed. What's the bet the weather will hold for the long weekend ?

The good weather has inspired me to create a couple of cheerful layouts.

Firstly, I made a kite using some patterned paper and hid it in the clouds. That made me smile.

I also made some pin wheels out of  1 1/2" patterned paper. It was quite fiddly to fold at that size but I think they looked sweet.

Both layouts are about a trip to Berlin Zoo last Christmas.  My teenage boys actually asked to visit! The animal photos provided the following narrative ...starting with a bored yawning tiger ( yeah, right ! ) followed by the winking sea lion ( really ? ) and the two nodding sea lions ( LOL ).

The second layout features my 18 year old feeding the goats.

It showed that a lot of fun can be had at the zoo, whatever your age. When did you last visit the zoo ? Maybe this Easter is the perfect opportunity.

You can find the Now & Then range here.

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