Thursday, 4 April 2013

Ever decreasing circles

Tracie here, with 'The tale of one woman's battle with the housework!'

I do start off with good intentions, honestly I do! But you know how it is, the scrapbooking side of your brain is far stronger than the practical side:
and so it was that despite being surrounded by mr muscle, a scourer and a mucky kitchen, my brain must have still been in 'scrapbook mode'
So when I was midway through scrubbing the washing machine door I was struck by the concave shape and suddenly everything had to be abandoned to commit the idea that was forming onto a layout (or two)

Fortunately, I have a very understanding other half who just walks in, eyes the destruction in the kitchen, takes in the bottles of  'I started but I'm not finished' next to the bleach, and with a resigned expression says 'I won't ask what you ended up doing this afternoon, but I'm betting your craftroom looks about as tidy as this kitchen!'

Still, there's always tomorrow (or until the next idea strikes!)
and until then, here's my 'washing machine' layout!

I used the new Little Yellow bicycle Just because range for this page, which fitted perfectly with the blues and reds in the photo of my lovely daughter-in-law, Kirsty and my adorable little grandson, Declan

and why stop at circles?
I used Studio calico classic calico papers for my next layout because I loved the neutral shades against the strong blue in the photo.

Here's my wonderful stepson Karl and my equally wonderful grandson, Elliott.

So that's all from me for this month, mainly because I have some housework to come to grips with!


Kerry said...

Wonderful idea Tracie and my favourite is the 2nd one as it's so different with the shapes you have used. Thanks for the inspiration.

Lesley G said...

Stunning pages Tracie, amazing how things inspire us to NOT do housework :) xx

Jenga said...

Lovely idea Tracie x

Dulcinea Silva said...

such beautiful layout and idea! It looks amazing and I want to try!

Louise said...

Gorgeous. I love them both, such a clever idea x

Nat said...

Love the depth and the feeling that you are peering through layers to see the photo, looks fab! Xxx