Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Flood!

Hi again, happy summer!  Its Vanessa here and this month I have continued using the lovely SEI Mayberry Range.

Along with my scrapbooking hobby, I love sewing and I use scrap pieces of fabric to make little puff flowers (tutorials are all over the internet).  I thought I would try this out on paper, bearing in mind you need to make it pliable without tearing it.
Firstly draw a circle, I have used a compass, but draw around anything round.

Use a very small amount of mist spray not only to give a sheen/sparkle, but to slightly dampen the circle and then scrumple it up, which will soften the paper more.

Fold over the edge of the circle and using a needle and thread, stitch a straightforward running stitch all around.


Pull both ends of the thread tightly (careful not to rip the paper) and flatten.

Layer the flower onto another piece of scrumpled paper for the base and then using embroidery thread, stitch two layered buttons together and glue on top to create your final flower.

Thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of your summer. :) x


Jill said...

Ooh Vanessa great flowers - think you need to show me how to make them with material at the next Retreat!! Jill x

Jenga said...

Great idea Vanessa x

Helsbells said...

Like all those handcut flowers as a border at the edge :) Good to see you scrapping :)

Louise said...

Lovely flower Vanessa, and great tutorial. Love the whole LO too x