Thursday, 29 March 2012

Do you DIY ?

Hi people. It is Ifa with you today. Hope you have recovered from the retreat.

Have you seen these ?

DIY Thickers! What a great idea...undecorated Thickers in all your favourite fonts. So many possibilities.

The DIY Thickers have adhesive, both top and bottom. You peel off the top cover to add glitter, micro bead or tinsel.

I started with my favourite font, Sprinkles.

Mine is decorated with MicroBead in Leaf. Here's the complete layout.

The top adhesive paper is matte. If you keep it on, it can also be doodled on

for a layout documenting my son's obsession with Lego.

You could also stamped on the matte cover and highlight with coloured pens.

From doing these layouts, I have discovered that the bottom adhesive is very strong so it was not easy to add glitter/bead elsewhere and then transfer to the layout. So I ended up sticking the letters on my layout and then add the glitter. To avoid getting trapped glitter/bead, try to decorate your Thickers on your layout before adding too much to the layout.

The Thickers are made out of foam so when I tried to move the letters, the foam has a tendency to stretch which is why the letters in Playground are a little skewed.


Helsbells said...

Oh my goodness - the Death Star! My little boy would be soooo jealous if I showed him that!

Love the look of the doodled letters - great idea :) x

Jenga said...

Gret ideas Ifa :)

Lesley G said...

Love the doodling, Ifa

Fluffy said...

These are really fab ideas! Thankyou for sharing Tx

Louise said...

I love the glitters and DIY thickers too. Love the doodling on the Lego LO.

Natalie Jane said...

Ooooh!! I love how these turned out :) :)
Fabby microbeads...last time i used them i made quite a mess and got some stuck to my face...mwahahah >:)
nat xox