Monday, 2 December 2013

Anyone for coffee?

I love coffee and I love cute coffee jars like this one.  I often wash them out with intentions of doing something crafty with them, and for once I have. I washed out this little cutie and soaked off the labels.
Then I gathered together some of the new Christmas supplies from the shop:

In no time at all I turned that cute coffee jar into this Christmas Gift Jar.
 With a little tag made from Kraft card and an eyelet it is ready to fill with sweeties, mints or hot chocolate mix.
  The whole process was so quick and easy that I decorated a second:

then filled it with Wine Gums especially for a special friend of mine who happens to love Wine Gums.

I need to finish another jar of coffee before I can decorate a third jar in this way, but I also have a stash of these tins:
 Yes I know - I have a coffee problem! 
 This one needed to be covered in masking tape first as the MME Decorative tape is quite delicate. Once I had covered the tin with masking tape I covered that with the MME decorative tape along with some other washi tapes from my stash.
I covered the lid with a circle of tape covered card and added some coordinating sticky gems. This tin is big enough to house a gift card for my son. Much more fun than a boring envelope and I can surround it with Jelly Beans. 
I hope you like my little Christmas project. If you have any you would like to share with us please leave a link in the comments. I'm off for a coffee or three!


Beverley said...

Hi I haven't got any craft ideas to share but just wanted to say that I love your pretty jar and coffee tin.They look fab!

Sue said...

Oh wow,all the same jars and tin's I have recycled.I love what you have done with yours.

TrinaU said...

They look fab Jen! Do you manage to get rid of the coffee smell?

trina xx