Friday, 20 September 2013

More Cut & Paste

Evening everyone. Just a quick post with a few more pages using My Mind's Eye Cut & Paste

Firstly : yes, he really did go out in public wearing these shoes! 

Moving swiftly on.... 

My youngest son has developed a little routine recently when I leave the house. He has to have a kiss, a cuddle, a butterfly kiss and a nose rub! I wanted to record this, but had no photograph of it actually happening. Similarly I had this cute photo, but it was a "just because" photo - it had no particular event associated with it. So I teamed them together with a very fitting title block cut from the Cut & Past "Charm Sweet Treat" paper. I don't want to forget this little quirk of his when he grows out of it so now it is recorded in his scrapbook.

Lastly for today, I scrapped the same "two fingered salute" photo as in my last post again. I have three albums constantly on the go - one for each child. Now and again I can't decide on which album a page should go in. As this photo was so funny and featured all three of them, I decided to use it on three pages - one for each album. So this is version 2 and version 3 will probably be my next project.

Some of you may think I'm crazy. Others may "get" it. Which camp are you in? Let us know and don't forget to leave a link to your own work.


Candace said...

Great LO's.

Just brought this week from the shop the same Cut & Paste you have used in the first LO. Looks too nice to cut in to!

kjjc said...

Definitely the one for each album camp.

Lesley G said...

Great layouts - I love how your son goes out in odd shoes without worrying what others will think :) x