Monday, 23 July 2012

Summertime: part two...

Earlier in the month, I shared some ideas for some summer scrapbooking pages.  As the school holidays begin, or for me, rapidly approach, I thought that it would be a good time to think about what we would all like to do during the next few weeks off school/work.

* Bucket List - Summer 2012 *

I began by devising a few simple questions to ask the children about what they'd like to do during the next few weeks:

  • Places to go
  • Activities to do
  • Food to eat/make
  • People to visit/play with
  • Things to watch
I typed their answers into MS Word and printed onto some patterned paper.

I also created my own list of places to go and things to do as a reminder when we're stuck for ideas.

These provided three 6x4 inserts for a divided 12x12 page.  The remaining three slots were used for title information and some decoration:

The whole page spread looks like this:

Using the divided page protectors means that once the holidays are over, I can rearrange the inserts and add in details of what we actually did and include some photos too to make a double page spread of pockets to tell the story of our Summer 2012.


Jenga said...

Fab ideas. Glad to see Sam is on Oliver's list as Oliver is on the top of Sam's! Love the little type writer embellishment x

Nat said...

Excellent way of planning ahead - both for your actual summer activities and for the resulting scrapbooking. Love it xx