Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Our Christmas 2011: the album...

Here is my finished album, 'Our Christmas 2011', page by page.  To save cardstock, I used both sides, completing the pages back to back.  I tried to think about themes/topics that would help me to record a full story of what happened in the build up to, and during, our Chrismtas celebrations: the details that I'd most like to remember.

Title Page:

Advent Calendars, Cards, 'Bobby the Reindeer' and Nativities:

The Tree, Decorations, Crafts and Baking:

Christmas Eve:

Christmas Day: Stockings, The People, The Table, Chrismtas Dinner:


I have a few things that I'm going to include in a page protector too: the letter to Santa that Evie left for him on Christmas Eve, 'Bobby the Reindeer's' Passport and thank you letter and the cards that the children made.

I'd also intend to finish it off with a questionnaire that we all fill in about our own personal highlights.  I think that this will be something interesting to look back on each year.

I've decided to make this an annual post-Christmas project and have started a new album, just for Christmas, that I will add to each year, building up a story of how we celebrate Christmas. 

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Jenga said...

Gorgeous pages :)

Trina said...

They all look fab Helen, it will be lovely to look back on in a few years time xx

Vanessa Stokoe said...

Blimey! Brilliant project. :) x

Ifa said...

Beautiful. What an efficient recipe for Christmas photos. I can't believe you have finished scrapping your photos already.