Friday 18 October 2013

It's sew easy!

Have you seen the new sewing kits that Sarah and Lianne have been busy designing?

Inside each of the cute, white boxes (I'm a sucker for attractive packaging!) is everything you need to complete the design (NB the hoops are bought separately though): a clear set of instructions and a easy to follow chart, threads organised onto a card, a piece of evenweave fabric and even a needle.  They'd make a great gift!

The designs themselves are really straightforward to stitch: there's no fiddly outlining or part stitches so perfect for beginners or more experienced cross stitchers who fancy a straightforward project.  What  I really liked was that they feel really achievable.  Over the years, I have started countless sewing projects only to get bored/start something else before completing them.  Instead, I spent about 8 hours last weekend working on the 'home is where the heart is' design, popping it into the hoop, trimming the excess fabric and having a finished project to hang up.

If you fancy personalising the designs, it's easy to adapt them and add your own touches.  For example, I shifted the pink heart slightly so that it appears where we live.  I also added a couple of smaller pale grey hearts to show where my husband and I are both from.

The finished project!

I've got the sunshine kit ready to begin and I get the feeling that this may be the start of me working my way through each of the designs...

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Lesley G said...

Promise to start mine soon :)